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The Wine Boutique has been established to provide outstanding French wines. We aim to specialise 100% in French wines. Our raison d’etre is to provide you with great products and service so that you can concentrate on the fun bit - drinking these great wines!

Unlike most loyalty programmes, joining the The Wine Boutique Membership is easy and most of all is free and open to all individuals. On completion of your first purchase, all you need to do is fill in registration form right the first order, then send to us via email or by post.

The Wine Boutique Membership is based on four tiers.


  • To provide customers with outstanding French fine wines with an aim of enchanting the palate and delighting the mind.
  • To support and develop what is a famous and long standing French and Vietnam cultural tradition.
  • To operate our business in a way that achieves sustainable profitability so that we can continue to delight our customers, grow our people and succeed with our suppliers.
  • To share and grow our knowledge and passion at every opportunity so that we can further enhance our customers wine experience.
  • To convey the essence and merits of each of our wines in language that is clearly understood by our customers.
  • To provide all round value to our customers in appreciation of their business.
  • To have fun with our wines in the same way we are confident that our customers will do too.