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Cote du Rhone

Location: In the Rhone valley, south of Lyon to the Mediterranean Sea
Size: On 6 French departments: Rhone, Loire, Ardeche, Drome, Gard and Vaucluse
Size of the vineyards: 70,000 hectares (170,000 acres)

Grapes in Rhone:


  • Red: Grenache 55%
  • White: Clairette 35%

Production: 450 million bottles. 14% of French wine production
Type of Wine: Full body red wine (north). Light to medium body fruity red wine (south). Dry full body white wine (north)
Rhone Wine and Food: Ctes du Rhne generic wines go well with every day cooking, dishes based on chicken and not to strong cheeses. Full body red wines are perfect with roasted red meat and game. Full body white wines are good companion with grilled fish and even foie gras.


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