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Pairing Wine With Movies

It is a common practice to pair wines with foods; but why stop there? How about pairing wines with movies? With that in mind, we will proceed to give our recommendations on what to drink while you are watching what.
The most obvious choice would be a chardonnay with the movie “Bottle Shock”. Any decent chard will do, but we enjoyed a Clos Du Bois 1999 Sonoma County Chardonnay ($14) and it so beautifully accompanied that movie.

“The Thirteenth Warrior” stars Antonio Banderas and is a dark but exciting movie. Since the star is Spanish, a dark red wine is definitely called for and a Spanish Rioja will fill the bill. May we suggest Don Miguel Gascon 2009 Malbec ($14) or go upscale a bit with the Don Miguel Gascon 2009 Reserva Malbec ($25).
“Hopscotch” staring Walter Matthau and Glenda Farrell takes place in Germany

 and Austria. While the beginning of the film suggests beer, the best wine to see it all the way through would be a riesling. Rieslings are happy wines and this is a very funny film, so they go hand in hand. Try a Schmitt Sohne 2007 Relax Riesling ($9.99) for an authentic German atmosphere.

The 1938 version of “The Adventures of Robin Hood” staring Errol Flynn just cries to be accompanied by a Petite Sirah. Any Petite Sirah will do, but our choice was a very nice Ravenswood 2007 Petite Sirah ($13.99).

The “Jason Bourne” series of movies calls for a pinot noir. The never ending adventures of the hero are complimented by the ever changing character of a pinot noir. We chose a Lyeth 2008 Sonoma County Pinot Noir ($19) and as with all Lyeth wines, it did not disappoint us.

While we are on the subject of series, the “Star Wars” films also call for a red wine, but one that can see into the future. Syrah (or shiraz, they are the same) is one of those wines whose popularity is expanding by leaps and bounds, here and now and even in a “galaxy far far away.” We chose a Frei Brothers 2006 Reserve Russian River Valley Syrah ($20) and it definitely rose to the outer space adventure.

Another film series that is so often watched and re-watched are the Indiana Jones films. The choice of wine here was a difficult one and we finally settled on a viognier as the perfect accompaniment to the continuous action of the movie. Our choice was a Rosenblum Cellars 2008 Viognier ($15.99), and it stood up to all of the intense action of the movies.

Then there is the super saccharine soaked, multiple Academy Award winning epic of the old South, “Gone With The Wind”. With all of the artificial sweetener in that movie the only wine to accompany it would be a super sweet one, moscato; and if you cannot finish it on movie night, “tomorrow is another day”. For our viewing of this classic film we chose The Robert Mondavi Moscato d’Oro ($15.00).

“Some Like it Hot” is an all time Marylyn Monroe favorite The wine selection was rather simple; a 2007 Marilyn Merlot ($24.99). It is the perfect choice to sip while enjoying the manic situations occurring on the screen.

The manic Cary Grant classic comedy “Arsenic and Old Lace” calls for nothing less than elderberry wine but since that is not commercially available, a gewurztraminer will fill the bill nicely. Try a Fetzer 2009 Gewurztraminer ($8.99) is a good choice, it will make the scary parts of the movie much more enjoyable and you will be able to toast Mr. Spinalzo.

And now for the real fun of pairing wines with films; your personal choice. These are film and wines that we enjoy but they may not be yours so there is the opportunity of a quest to find the right wine to accompany the movies that you like. There is one thing not to forget, the snacks that you will have with the wine.

Source: articlesonwine

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